Twitter: A Valuable Book Publicity Tool

When I mention to folks I use Twitter, the response is often: “Well, I DON’T. Why should I tell people what I had for breakfast or how often I brushed my teeth today? Who cares?”

They think Twitter is just a gossipy site for providing “too much information” to people they don’t really care about or care to connect with.

I try to explain that Twitter can be a highly effective communications tool, especially for authors interested in promoting their books.

For book publicity, Twitter can be used to:

  • Publicize an upcoming book signing event- date/time/place
  • Link to a book review
  • Link to Amazon or
  • Announce a new title
  • Promote a book giveaway or contest
  • Promote an upcoming radio or TV interview
  • Link to a radio or TV interview that already aired
Here’s an example of how Twitter can be used to publicize a book signing event:
Twitter can also be used to promote an upcoming media interview:
Or, a book giveaway contest:

Through Twitter, authors can transmit targeted messages to hundreds or even thousands of readers in an instant– literally. It’s a pretty amazing communications tool once you understand how to use it and when.
If you’re now a bit more convinced to sign up for Twitter but don’t know where to begin, here’s an informative You Tube tutorial  called How to Set Up a Twitter Account. Click on the link for a user-friendly video to help you get started.

About janelassar

I am a publicist with Gray & Company, Publishers. We publish books about Cleveland and Northeast Ohio.
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