The Power of a Guest Post

You’re an author. So why not use your writing skills and talents to build more traffic for your blog, promote yourself, and eventually sell more books?

If you’re blogging yourself (and I certainly hope you are!), you can increase your own blog readership by contributing what’s called a guest post to someone else’s blog. Guest posting is a great way to widen your sphere of readers by contributing stories and articles to other people’s blogs.

Here’s how this worked for one of Gray & Company’s authors, sportswriter Dan Coughlin.

Dan has been blogging at Coughlin Forever for awhile now, but he wanted to increase his blog readership and introduce a larger audience to his work.

As Dan’s book publicist, I reached out to blogger Brendan Bowers from Stepien Rules to see if Brendan might want to feature an original piece by Dan on his blog.

Brendan was interested and that’s when the fun began. Dan wrote a guest post for Stepien Rules which was very enthusiastically received.

We can only assume that after enjoying Dan’s guest post on “Stepien Rules,” at least a few readers visited Dan’s blog and perhaps signed up to become regular subscribers.

Everyone wins. “Stepien Rules” gets fresh, new content. Dan Coughlin attracts more readers to his blog.

And, as an added bonus, Brendan from “Stepien Rules” tweeted news of Dan’s guest post to his many Twitter followers, bringing even more attention to Dan’s books and his blog.

Guest posting is a great book publicity tool, but it does have its own rules of etiquette. Here are a few pointers:

  1. Personalize your pitch. Email the blogger directly and ask if she/he would be interested in a guest post from you.
  2. Match your content with theirs. Suggest only story ideas that relate to the subject matter of the blog you’re pitching to (i.e baseball-related stories to baseball blogs; chocolate-themed stories to food blogs, etc).
  3. Offer an original. Host bloggers will be thrilled if you’ve created a guest post just for their readers.
  4. Send unformatted text or plain text. This makes it much easier for the blogger to insert text into their blog
  5. Include a photo and a tagline. Attach a photo of yourself or a related image. Include a short bio or tagline which also includes a link to your blog
  6. Reciprocate the link. Once your guest post appears on someone else’s blog, make mention of this in your own blog and include a link. Your host blogger will appreciate this!

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About janelassar

I am a publicist with Gray & Company, Publishers. We publish books about Cleveland and Northeast Ohio.
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