A Blogger’s Tale


Courtesy Hikingartist.com

Writers often ask me: What’s the payoff for blogging? Other than those little ads that sometimes show up, are there other ways to actually make money from writing a blog?

The answer is “yes,” but the rewards are sometimes subtle.

Here’s an example: My friend Bert was an award winning fiction writer in college. After graduating, he worked as a reporter for a community newspaper but that didn’t last too long. Eventually, he went into his father’s real estate business and (since he was also a musician) started a band.

Years later, when blogging came into fashion, Bert decided to create one of his own. He thought blogging might be a great outlet for his love of writing which had remained dormant for many years.

Bert’s blog flourished and eventually gained a decent following. More importantly, through the blogging process, Bert rekindled his love for writing and began to think of himself as a “writer” once again. He developed a readership and greatly enjoyed connecting with an audience again– something he hadn’t done for a really long time.

Based on this new love for blogging and writing, Bert decided to branch out professionally and pitch his pieces to national newspapers and magazines– and with great success! His writing has appeared in publications like the New York Times and the Jerusalem Post, thanks in large part to the confidence he gained as a blogger.

Check out Bert’s blog at Klezmerguy.com for a great example of someone who rekindled his love for writing through blogging and eventually made a few bucks in the process.


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I am a publicist with Gray & Company, Publishers. We publish books about Cleveland and Northeast Ohio.
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