It’s no mystery: Blogging builds readership

One of the authors I work with, Cleveland mystery writer Les Roberts, recently began blogging despite a little trepidation on his part (Les, I hope you don’t mind me telling tales).

“I’d rather spend my time writing novels than blogging,” Les would lament over and over. He felt so strongly about the matter, he even posted something about this on his blog!

Our marketing team at Gray & Company, Publishers assured Les that through blogging he could establish an up-close-and personal relationship with his many readers and fans and even bring them into the writing process.

Recently, Les wrote a great blog post about his new novel “Whiskey Island” coming out this Spring. I particularly loved the post where he revealed the first sentence of the new novel to his fans, making them feel like true insiders. Great way to build reader loyalty!

Check out Les’s blog for an example of how authors can use this online tool to effectively promote their new and upcoming books.

Mystery author, Les Roberts


About janelassar

I am a publicist with Gray & Company, Publishers. We publish books about Cleveland and Northeast Ohio.
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One Response to It’s no mystery: Blogging builds readership

  1. Jane, congratulations on joining the blogosphere.

    Remember to wear the blue Cleveland Blogosphere fez to our secret meetings.

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