Welcome to the new world of book publicity

For over 25 years, I’ve worked as a book publicist using all the traditional tricks of the trade- setting up radio and TV interviews, pitching stories, writing news releases, and planning author parties. If I look back on my long career, I think I’ve been pretty successful– or at least that’s what I’ve been told.

But alas! It’s a whole new world. The process of book publicity has changed dramatically and, like many of the authors I represent, I’m caught up in this crazy new way of doing things that can often be a bit overwhelming and, yes, even a bit scary (like tweeting what you thought was a private message to 300 of your most intimate followers)

Now, instead of picking up the phone to speak with an editor, I craft a pithy e-pitch and send it out at crazy hours, often during the middle of the night. Instead of hiring a photographer for author events, I take pictures myself on my iphone– despite my utter lack of photography skills. Rather than spending hours writing the perfect news release,  I post a breezy “status update” on Facebook and Twitter in less than 45 seconds. Like I said, it’s a whole new world.

But truth be told, I really love this new way of doing things and find it pretty exciting. I believe the new media, particularly social media, gives authors an amazing opportunity to connect with audiences and build their brands in a way never possible before. I’m totally energized.

Through this blog, I hope to connect with you, dear authors, by sharing everything I’m learning about the new ways of book publicity and passing these tips along to you. There’s a lot of information out there but I promise to “filter” it carefully and send you only newsy tid-bits that are helpful and make sense and will ultimately help you sell more books. I’m a new blogger so please bear with me as I learn the tricks of this new trade. Stay tuned . . .


About janelassar

I am a publicist with Gray & Company, Publishers. We publish books about Cleveland and Northeast Ohio.
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One Response to Welcome to the new world of book publicity

  1. Michael says:

    Good for you, Jane!

    I visit lots of blogs in the line of duty, since my authors are university professors and some have blogs and some cite blogs. The variety amazes me: from serious to very silly, from deep to mindlessly superficial, from informational to same-old opinionated, from interesting to totally boring.

    Ah, you young folks always learning new stuff!

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